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Clackamas Elections Worker Pleads Guilty To Ballot Tampering, Misconduct

A former Clackamas County elections worker has pleaded guilty to ballot tampering and official misconduct.

Clackamas County Judge Susie Norby dismissed two of the five charges in the case. So Deanna Swenson only has to answer for charges of ballot tampering and official misconduct.

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown

Sloan Chambers/OPB

A fellow elections worker saw Swenson marking a partially completed ballot as they prepared for  the vote count last fall.

Judge Norby sentenced Swenson to 90 days in jail, and more than $13,000 in fines.

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown said she felt the court had taken the charges seriously. And, Brown says, measures are being taken to prevent future problems.

“There’s some legislation we are passing to improve security measures. We want to make sure there are cameras in every nook and cranny of elections offices. We are reviewing security plans clerks submit to our office.”

Swenson’s attorney, Jason Short, says he expects Swenson will be a strong candidate for early release. Both sides said they were satisfied with the plea agreement.

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