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Clackamas Vote Under Scrutiny From Secretary Of State

Oregon’s Secretary of State says additional measures have been taken to ensure the security of the vote in Clackamas County.

Kate Brown says she’s assigned staff to be present as Clackamas County continues to process ballots in preparation for Tuesday night’s vote count. On Friday the Oregon Department of Justice confirmed it’s looking into allegations of ballot fraud in Clackamas County. A temporary elections worker is suspected of tampering with ballots in a secure ballot room.

“This is the county’s responsibility to run the election, however I am sending an elections monitor to Clackamas County to ensure integrity, transparency, and accountability in the elections process.”

Brown also says she will ensure that every ballot that was under the control of the worker in question will be reviewed.

A spokesman for the Oregon Republican Party says the party has no information about the nature of the incident.

Clackamas County is   home to several close races, including seats on the County commission and in the state legislature. State officials say considerable resources have been dedicated to the investigation.


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