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Clark County Inmate's Death Appears To Be Suicide

Jailors in Clark County say an inmate appears to have committed suicide Wednesday morning.

Clark County Sheriff’s sergeant Fred Neiman says staff discovered the inmate during a routine bed check.

“It looked like they had attempted suicide in their cell. They immediately notified the on-duty medical staff then they attempted CPR but they were unable to revive the individual.”

The inmate’s identity is being witheld so family can be told.

On Saturday an Oregon prisoner, 48-year-old Antonio Ruiz, died at the Two Rivers Correctional Institute in Umatilla.

Corrections Department spokeswoman, Liz Craig says they’re not giving out more details.

“We don’t want to speculate about the cause of death and so at this time we’re waiting for the Oregon State Police and the medical examiner to complete their investigations.”

Craig says in the past Corrections has released details of an inmate’s death before an investigation has finished. But it now has a consistent practice of not speculating.

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