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Clatsop Court Rules Against LNG Company

The Clatsop County Circuit Court has ruled against a company seeking to build a liquefied gas terminal and pipeline on Oregon’s North Coast.

The Clatsop County Board of Commissioners approved the pipeline last November. But soon after, the project’s opponents appealed. And, a new majority took over the Clatsop County Commission.

The new group of commissioners withdrew its approval of the pipeline. But Oregon LNG took the matter to circuit court.

The company said the county’s reversal deprived them of a timely final decision.

The Clatsop County Circuit Court has now ruled that it has “no authority” to force a land-use approval, as the LNG company wants.

The decision sends the matter back into the land-use realm.

Oregon LNG head, Peter Hansen declined to comment, citing “ongoing litigation.”

LNG opponents say the decision is another step toward the eventual demise of the project.

Another LNG terminal – Bradwood Landing – has already gone bankrupt.