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Climate Service Head And Global Warming Critic Retires

The controversial head of the Oregon Climate Service is retiring. As Andrew Theen reports, George Taylor is stepping down May 1.

Taylor was known as state climatologist since the early 90s.  He heads the Oregon Climate Service at OSU's College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies.

A year ago, Governor Ted Kulongoski asked that Taylor stop using the title "state climatologist".

Officials in the governor's office say they hope a new position at OSU's Climate Change Research Institute will be held by someone with a doctorate in Climate Studies.

Taylor has a masters in Meteorology.

For his part Taylor acknowledged there was controversy surrounding his position on global warming.  He downplays the role of humans in climate change, but Taylor said that's not why he is leaving.

George Taylor: "I was not pressured to leave because of my viewpoint on climate change nor have people told me to keep my mouth shut either."

Taylor said he got a job offer in the private sector that he "couldn't refuse." Taylor is 60 years old.