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Climatologist Predicts Summer Temps And Rain Near Average

If our unusually cool and wet May and early June has you wondering whether you'll ever get to work on your tan, fear not.

An updated regional climate outlook forecasts normal summer weather to emerge here soon. Correspondent Tom Banse has more.

Washington's new state climatologist has revised his seasonal outlook for the region.

A month ago, Nick Bond foresaw decent odds for a warmer-than-normal Northwest summer. Now his outlook is neutral, which still means you and I can probably put the umbrella away soon.

Nick Bond: "If history is any precedent, there should be some pretty marked improvement in the weather in the upcoming weeks. Certainly, by the time we get into the middle of July it is very unusual for it to remain in a cool unsettled pattern."

Bond sees a silver lining in all those clouds we've had.

Nick Bond: "For the forests, it effectively delays the start of the fire season."

Bond watches the tropical Pacific for clues about the regional climate trend.

He says we were under El Nino conditions, hence the mild winter. But that's nearly gone now.