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Clinton Touts Her 'Oregon Compact' And Healthcare During Northwest Visit

Senator Hillary Clinton brought her struggling presidential bid to a Portland hospital Friday to position healthcare as a central part of her campaign. Rob Manning reports.

Clinton addressed a few dozen families at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. She said that her presidential healthcare plan would cover far more families than Senator Barack Obama’s would.

Clinton claimed that her plan would insure all Oregonians, while Obama’s would leave more than 220,000 without insurance.

Hillary Clinton: “I deeply, deeply believe that we’ve got to get to universal health care. And if you don’t start in favor of universal healthcare, you’ll never get there.”

At her Thursday appearance in Central Point, Clinton emphasized her “Oregon Compact” which takes on issues such as forest management and timber payments.

Clinton is under pressure to drop out of the race, but she made no indication at her Portland appearance that she would.

Obama is also in Oregon, with an eye toward the May 20th primary.

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