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Police, Protesters Ready For Long Night

Preparations are under way as the city’s Occupy movement prepares for a midnight deadline to clear out. In some corners of the camp, tarps were being folded and donated items packed away for storage.

Occupy Portland, Saturday Night as deadline loomed.

Kristian Foden-Vencil / OPB

On another block, trainings offered tips on what to do if you’re arrested, or how to calm fellow protesters. 

April Baer / OPB
Occupy Portland on Saturday afternoon

While many activists had cleared out or planned to before midnight, a core group made it known they’re in for the duration.

Ryan Morehead, who’s been living in the camp for several weeks, said police were already on the lookout for anything with potential as a weapon. “I got in trouble for having a walking stick,” Morehead said.

April Baer / OPB
A sign at the Occupy Portland coffee stand.

Morehead said he was packed up, but would try to stay. Police were already removing items that appeared to be abandoned this afternoon.


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