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Monday Last Day For Cogen, 2 Months After Admitting Affair

Jeff Cogen serves his last day as Multnomah County chair Monday.

Cogen admitted in July to having an affair with the county’s health policy advisor for more than a year and a half. Both Cogen, and the health official, Sonia Manhas, are married to other people.

Manhas resigned under pressure shortly after the affair went public, but Cogen held on. The Oregon Attorney General is conducting a criminal investigation into the affair.

Cogen announced his resignation earlier this month, naming his chief of staff Marisa Madrigal, as his interim successor.

Not long before Cogen’s announcement, Madrigal had accepted a job in the county’s Human Resources department.

When Cogen leaves office at the end of the day, Sept. 16, Madrigal will take over as county chair. County officials say Madrigal’s job in HR will be waiting for her, when a new - elected chair - takes over. That election is next May.

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