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Cold Weather Continues To Cause Problems In Central Oregon

An extended cold snap is continuing to cause problems in Central Oregon.  Temperatures stayed below freezing Monday for much of the region.  That prompted numerous school closures. 

In La Pine, where temperatures reached more than 30 below over the weekend, administrators had to close the public library due to frozen pipes.

The pipes also froze at the Bethlehem Inn.  That’s a homeless shelter in Bend.

Managing Director Chris Clouart says as cold as it’s been, some still prefer to camp.   He says for those people, the concern isn’t so much the cold, but what happens when temperatures go up some. 

“When the weather gets cold, you can hunker down, you can put yourself under 4 or 5 sleeping bags and be pretty good.  When the snow we have on the ground starts to thaw and the ground gets wet, that’s when it becomes an issue, because when you’re wet and cold, it’s a heck of a lot more dangerous than just being cold,” says Clouart.

Clouart says while the shelter is running at capacity, nobody’s been turned away for lack of space.

Forecasters say temperatures in Central Oregon could reach above freezing by Tuesday.  

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