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Collapsed Bridge Threatens Tourism, Business

The Skagit Bridge collapse north of Seattle continues to cause problems for travelers and businesses along the West Coast.

Kathleen Mazzocco lives in Vancouver, B.C., but commutes back and forth to Portland at least once a month for her PR business. She managed to avoid getting caught in traffic Thursday, but says she’s doing extra work to organize a trip for next week.

“It’s very worrisome! There’s a huge amount of alarm about tourism and a lot of folks here in Vancouver who come to Oregon beaches in the summer and they’re hoping the bridge is going to be repaired by the time their vacation comes along. Also, there are a lot of food imports that come up over the border here,” she said.

Bolt Bus runs lines from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver.  The company says service is uninterrupted, but may be subject to delays. Buses are running on a detour route.

71,000 drivers usually travel across the Skagit Bridge every day.

Washington’s Department of Transportation says the National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating. Crews can’t remove the debris until the investigators clear the scene.

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