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Community Health Clinic Opens At Redmond Elementary School

For students at Redmond’s at M.A. Lynch Elementary, a trip to the doctor no longer has to mean spending time away from school.  That’s thanks to a new on-site clinic that’s part of a unique partnership created to provide low-cost medical care both to students and the community as a whole.

M.A. Lynch first partnered with Deschutes County on a clinic back in 2008.   But because of certain grant provisions, those services were only available to students.  When that money began to dry up, backers started looking for a new partner. 

The non-profit Mosaic Medical will operate this clinic, which now, for the first time has a physician on-staff.

But the big change, according to M.A. Lynch Principal  Desiree Margo is that an entire family can now walk through the clinic’s separate door and get access to primary care and county health services all in one place.

“In our high poverty families, it’s just hard to have transportation,” says Margo.  “So if they can come to one place, they’re just more likely to access that resource.”

Margo says for these kids, better access to health care could make for better academic performance down the road.

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