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Community Leaders Call For Federal Investigation Into Campbell Shooting

City leaders and Portland's black community came together Friday, to call for a federal investigation into last month's shooting of Aaron Campbell.

The FBI routinely opens an inquiry into officer-involved shootings, and did so Tuesday.

But Joyce Harris  of the African American Alliance says they also want the civil rights section of the Justice Department to look into this issue.

She says the black community isn't just interested in what happened to Aaron Campbell, but also to Kendra James and other unarmed people who've been shot by police in the last few years.

Joyce Harris: "We do not want any local investigation, because historically local investigations, I don't care who they were conducted by, have never, never rendered a decision that held anyone accountable for the deaths of black people in this community."

Police commissioner Dan Saltzman also called for the investigation. But said he 's confident it won't find any civil rights violations.

He also stressed he has full confidence in Police chief Rosie Sizer and her officers.