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Company Applies For Permit To Export Coal From Longview Port

A company called Millennium Bulk Terminals has applied for permits to export 44 million tons of coal from Wyoming and Montana through a port near Longview, Washington.

The same company originally planned to export 5 million tons of coal from Longview to Asia. But after environmental groups challenged the proposal last year, Millennium withdrew its permit applications.

Now, the company is proposing a much larger project.  It would be one of the biggest coal export facilities in North America.

Ken Miller is the company president and CEO. He said the new proposal aims to get the maximum benefit from the company’s real estate and make the most of the longer permitting process.

Miller explains, “A year ago when the proposal for the 5 million tons per year was being studied, the need to do an environmental impact study was brought forth, and since that was going to take  18-24 months, we pulled that proposal back and said let’s reevaluate what this property might be fully able to achieve.”

Opponents of the project say shipping more coal will create environmental and transportation problems for people along delivery routes.