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Company Threatens To Sue OSHA Over Hair-Straightening Product

The hair straightening company, Brazilian Blowout, says it’s started legal proceedings against Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division.  That follows Oregon’s issuing a warning about formaldehyde in the hair product.

Last week, Oregon OSHA warned hair stylists that Brazilian Blowout and other hair straighteners contain high levels of the suspected carcinogen.

The company has now issued a statement saying it’s suing Oregon OSHA for punitive damages.

Brazilian Blowout says the agency failed to distinguish between formaldehyde and methylene glycol in testing. 

Before any legal action was announced, Oregon OSHA director Michael Wood said methylene glycol is simply formaldehyde in solution. 

Michael Wood: “Our standards are clear. The practice of industrial chemistry is clear. The practice of toxicology is clear. This product contains formaldehyde.”

A spokeswoman from Oregon OSHA says the agency has yet to receive any legal papers from Brazilian Blowout.

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