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Computer Glitch Latest Problem For Portland Arts Tax

Portlanders who haven’t paid the city’s new arts tax will have to put it off a little longer. Computer problems on the deadline Wednesday kept many Portlanders from paying the $35 tax voters approved last fall.

Portland Arts Tax website.

Portland Arts Tax website.

Now, city officials say the system won’t be back online until next week. The city says it has extended the deadline, but hasn’t given a new date.

Dana Haynes is a spokesman for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales. He says when he checked Wednesday afternoon, the Revenue Bureau had received a little more than $6 million.

“Collection was at about $6.05 million. The folks who could tell me what the new number is are the same folks who are trying to fix the glitch, and I decided not to bother them.”

The Revenue Bureau director said earlier this week that the city expects to collect about $8.7 million by the end of June.

City officials said late Thursday afternoon that technical fixes would limit the number of simultaneous users of the online filing system.

That means users could find the system unavailable — though the city says technicians are working to increase how many users can be on at once.

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