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Contributor To Washington House Candidate Part Of Florida Criminal Case

A Florida company whose owner has made in-kind contributions to the campaign of David William Hedrick is part of an ongoing criminal case.  Hedrick is a candidate in the upcoming primary race for Washington’s Third Congressional District.

The company is CFAVS LLC, which investigators say is also known as Central Florida Audio Video Systems incorporated. According to court filings, the candidate’s father, David Lee Hedrick told investigators he owns the company and is responsible for its finances.

The State of Florida has charged David Lee Hedrick with theft and perjury. The case was filed in Seminole county in 2009 and has yet to go to trial. 

The case involves a company that manages hotels for Disney in Orlando. That company, Tishman Hotel Corporation filed a complaint against David Lee Hedrick with local sheriffs three years ago.

The state of Florida alleges Tishman paid David Lee Hedrick more than $700,000 for 756 televisions, but that he never finished delivering them. The state also alleges that David Lee Hedrick collected, but did not pay, sales tax on that transaction.

David Lee Hedrick has pleaded not guilty.

Florida State Attorney Kyon Ware is prosecuting the case. He says David Lee Hedrick appears to be the only person who was involved in the transaction.

Congressional candidate David William Hedrick says he helped start an audio video company with his father.

But on the OPB program Think Out Loud he said he has no connection to Central Florida Audio Video Systems.

David William Hedrick: “The company I was associated with we already sold. So it’s not even my company I have no connection to it whatsoever.”

David William Hedrick also told Think Out Loud there are no criminal charges against anyone in his family.

According to FEC filings, a David L. Hedrick made a $4,800 in kind contribution to the David Hedrick for Congress Committee.

“In kind” means the donations weren’t money, but something else of value. David William Hedrick would not discuss the contributions.

He said, “My family is off limits.”

OPB was unable to reach David Lee Hedrick.

He is being represented by a Florida public defender. A staff person in the public defender’s office told OPB the attorney representing David Lee Hedrick was away.


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