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Controversial Campaign Signs Pop Up In Clackamas County

Controversial signs have sprung up across Clackamas County attacking a candidate running for county board chair.

Michael Clapp/OPB

The signs say “John Ludlow is a Bully.” 

John Ludlow is running against incumbent Charlotte Lehan for Clackamas County Chair.

The man responsible for the signs is Dave Adams — an activist known for his political black-and-white signs.

Adams testified at a county commission meeting that he’s felt intimidated by people who disagree with him politically. In an interview with KOIN-TV, he called Ludlow their  “general.”

Ludlow told voters in Sandy this week that he is assertive, but not a bully. He points to the awards he’s received for his work at schools, senior centers, and at a women’s prison. Ludlow wants his opponent to intervene.

He explained, “I don’t mind campaigning, I don’t mind debating, I don’t mind much. But this is mudslinging, and when you sling mud, you lose ground. Thank you very much.”

Charlotte Lehan says she doesn’t control Dave Adams any more than Ludlow controls an outside group behind negative mailers targeting her.

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