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Coos Bay LNG Terminal Wins County Approval

Coos County Commissioners have given final approval to a liquefied natural gas import terminal.  It’s one of four controversial gas terminals proposed along the Northwest coast.  Correspondent Tom Banse reports this one’s a step closer to reality.

The Coos County Commission voted unanimously to grant a land use permit for the Jordan Cove Energy Project.  It entails a tanker terminal and two huge storage tanks along Coos Bay.

They would accept liquefied natural gas from the Middle East or Pacific Rim.

Project director Bob Braddock says the terminal still needs federal clearance to start construction in 2009.

Bob Braddock: “This becomes effectively the foundation for all the other permits that lie ahead of us. We think it’s extremely important.”

This is the second proposed tanker terminal to win approval from a coastal county.

A terminal at the Port of Astoria also has local go-ahead.  But some residents fear environmental damage or that gas might leak and explode.  So permit appeals are virtually guaranteed.

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