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Coos County Votes To Spray Bandon Marsh Mosquitoes

Coos County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the aerial spraying of insecticides near Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.


The hope is to kill the mosquitoes that have swarmed the area this year.

Coos County Commissioner, Melissa Cribbins says their main concern is whether the insecticide might kill bees.

“We’re looking at creating a voluntary registry, where hive owners can call us and give us their phone number and we will make sure they’re notified the night before the spraying occurs because it’s partially weather dependent,” Cribbins says.

County health administrator Nikki Zogg is advising beekeepers to cover their hives, and that pets and people stay indoors when the spraying is conducted.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort will pay $10,000 towards the spraying. It has been advising golfers recently to wear long sleeves and repellent.

The City of Bandon and Coos County will pay another $5,000 each.

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