A tweet from a Corvallis School Board member is drawing national attention for being anti-police.

In the Thursday tweet, board member Brandy Fortson said, “Hey kids, always remember that all cops are bastards.”

Screenshot of a tweet from Corvallis school board member Brandy Fortson.

Screenshot of a tweet from Corvallis school board member Brandy Fortson.

The tweet has drawn a large response online. The National Fraternal Order of Police responded to the tweet, saying Fortson should not be involved in the development of children.

“As a society, we raise our kids to accept, not hate, people from all walks, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or career choice,” the organization said.

The group urged Fortson to resign.

Corvallis superintendent Ryan Noss and board leaders responded in a joint statement, saying Fortson’s comments “are not in alignment with the guiding principles set by the Board.”

In their Corvallis School District bio, Forston says they are involved as an activist and organizer inside and outside of Corvallis.

Fortson’s Twitter is now set to private.

After releasing the statement, the school district made another Facebook post, saying the district does not tolerate abusive and inappropriate language.

“We welcome your comments and the expression of opinion and we respect your right to disagree,” the district’s statement said.