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Costco Stops Selling Studded Tires Nationwide

The Costco warehouse store chain has decided to stop selling studded snow tires.  Correspondent Tom Banse reports.

Costco has discontinued studded tire sales nationwide.  The company's head tire buyer, Pat McClintock, says gradually declining sales made the decision easier.

Pat McClintock: “The impact that studded snow tires have on the road coupled with the fact that as they loosen from the tire they could potentially chip or ding other cars and windows, we felt environmentally responsible to follow suit and not bring those in this year.”

The news was welcomed by Washington State's Department of Transportation.

Sam's Club stores in the Northwest have also dropped studded snow tires.  But Oregon-based tire retailer Les Schwab reports continuing customer demand and they'll sell you the tires with the little metal cleats.

Studded tires are legal on the road in winter only, meaning as of October 1st in Idaho and November 1st in Oregon and Washington.

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