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Cover Oregon Explores All Options For Ailing Website

100 Oracle employees who worked on building the Cover Oregon website are pulling out.  But Cover Oregon could decide to part company with its site, and go with something else

Cover Oregon spokesman, Michael Cox, says the Oracle staff are leaving because the agency doesn’t need a production staff to do post-production work.  And he says enough skilled employees remain.

“Our work continues on getting the website out and available to all Oregonians. At the same time we are in the process of an alternatives analysis and that’s exploring all options should we not be able to release the site,” said Cox.

Alternatives could include dropping the site to join the federal exchange, but Cox says that’s not the direction they’re going in at this point.

The Cover Oregon website is working for Oregonians who apply with a navigator. But, it’s not fully functional for members of the public applying by themselves.

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