New Oregon COVID-19 Cases By ZIP Code

This map shows new cases of COVID-19 in each ZIP code in Oregon. ZIP codes are colored by the number of cases per 10,000 residents. “New” cases includes cases between June 15 and June 21; “All” cases are the number of cases recorded by OHA as of June 15. ZIPs are shaded to show contrast; rates in Oregon remain lower than most of the U.S.

Jacob Fenton, The Accountability Project at the Investigative Reporting Workshop  Sources: OHA’s current and prior weekly reports. OHA does not report case counts in smaller ZIP codes, and doesn’t provide an exact figure for ZIP codes where fewer than 10 cases have been recorded. ZIP codes are shaded by the lowest possible rate in the new cases view. ZIP code populations and outlines are from Esri’s “Updated Demographics 2019” so rates differ from those published by OHA.

County-By-County Numbers

Select your Oregon city or county to find out the status of COVID-19 in your area.

Oregon COVID-19 Map