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Coyote Kill Contest Draws Ire From Wildlife Groups

A coyote hunting contest scheduled in Burns this weekend has drawn criticism from wildlife advocates.

This is the second year of the Coyote Classic which awards prizes to those who shoot the most coyotes during a three day period. Wildlife advocacy groups are protesting the event through social media.

The contest is legal under state law since coyotes are classified as an unregulated predator.  

“Hunting of coyotes is pretty wide open.” says Rick Swart, spokesperson for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Swart says coyotes can be hunted year-round, and there’s no limit.  

“If people want to have a derby to hunt coyotes under current laws they’re allowed to do so,” says Swart. “At the same token we understand that not everybody buys into that.”

The organizers of the Harney County Coyote Classic could not be reached for comment.

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