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Crater Lake Remains May Be Missing Hiker

The family of a hiker who went missing more than 16 years ago in Crater Lake National Park have been told they may soon know what happened to Glenn Mackie.

A firefighter discovered skeletal remains in a remote part of the park last year. But it was so late in the year, weather limited the investigation.

When the snow melted this summer, park rangers and FBI investigators found some clues that could help identify the remains.

Chief Ranger Dave Brennan says he doesn't assume it is Mackie, the man missing since 1991.

Dave Brennan: “While it is about, oh, 10-12 miles away from where Mr. Mackie's car was found, it's certainly within the realm of reason that that's an area he could have traveled to. We're hoping that potentially through partial dental records that we could either rule in that it's Glenn Mackie — or rule that out.”

They've updated Mackie's sister on the situation. And rangers sent dental records and clues from the skeleton to an FBI lab. 

The bones were discovered weeks before 8-year-old Sammie Boehlke went missing lst year, so Brennan says there is obviously no connection there.

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