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Crater Lake's Rim Drive Car-Free This Weekend

The National Park Services and Travel Oregon will be hosting a biking and walking event this weekend at Crater Lake.

All cars and motorized vehicles will be prohibited from Crater Lake’s East Rim Drive this weekend.

Michael Clapp

Beginning on Saturday, people can pay a $10 entrance fee and have access to Crater Lake’s East Rim drive without a car. The drive is about 21 miles long.

Marsha McCabe is with the Crater Lake National Park. She says that because of a low snow year, hikers and bikers can enjoy access to this area early.

“The whole East Rim drive is accessible for hikers and bikers. That’s partly because we’ve had such a low snow year and an early snowmelt. Normally, that road wouldn’t even open to vehicles until about the middle of July.”

The weekend forecast for the area calls for sunny weather and clear skies.

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