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Crypto Increase In Bull Run Reservoir Has Portland Officials Scratching Heads

Portland Water Bureau officials do not know why cryptosporidium — a potentially deadly parasite — is being found this year in the Bull Run Reservoir that serves as the region’s primary source of water.

Crypto, as the parasite is commonly called, was never found in the water at the intake site before last January. Now it is being found repeatedly, including in seven samples drawn in October.

“We cannot point to any data or evidence that says anything is different in the watershed,” says Ann Levy, the bureau’s environmental program manager in charge of the program that monitors for crypto.

There is no doubt that crypto has long existed in the Bull Run Watershed where the reservoir is located. It is found in animal feces and many different kinds of animals have always lived there, from small rodents to black bears. The Water Bureau has taken photos of many of them with wildlife trail cameras.

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