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Dad Of 11-Year-Old Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Portland Police have arrested the father of an 11-year-old boy who’s accused of attempting an armed carjacking over the weekend.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Guns Task Force team arrested 34-year-old Joseph Charlton. He was taken into custody in connection with a weekend armed robbery attempt, when a woman said two young boys tried to rob her as she sat in her car.  Police say an 11-year-old was then found with a loaded gun. 

Sergeant Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau says the investigation is continuing. “A search has been done at a residence. Additionally one of the children in the home — a four-year-old girl — was taken into protective custody by the state of Oregon and the other two children — the 11-year-old suspect from the robbery as well as a 9-year-old brother who is unrelated to the robbery  — will also be taken into protective custody by the state.”

Charlton is the first person to be arrested under a two-year-old city ordinance prohibiting adults from leaving guns unsecured where minors can get them.

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