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Dave's Killer Bread Founder Sells Half Of Company, Announces Expansion

A bread company based in Milwaukie has sold a 50 percent equity stake in advance of a planned national launch.  Dave’s Killer Bread is expanding.

Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl

Dave's Killer Bread

“Dave” of Dave’s Killer Bread is Dave Dahl. His story - spending time in and out of jail before launching a bread company in 2005 - is as much part of the bread company’s rise as the high–priced product.

Dahl announced a national expansion in a video on his website, playing a guitar on a couch next to a Christmas tree.

“Hey guys, I got some killer [beep] news,” he said.

Dahl celebrated the backing of the New York equity firm Goode Partners as critical to expanding from 11 western states to the whole country.

In a written statement, the Goode Partners’ Dan Bonoff said his firm is looking to build on the bread company’s achievements and introduce the bread to new customers.

The plan is for Dave’s Killer Bread headquarters to stay in Milwaukie. There’ll be a new chairman of the board, but Dahl will supervise product and brand development, and lead the company’s philanthropic efforts.

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