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Decision On Water Release To Avoid Klamath River Fish Kill Due

The Bureau of Reclamation is expected to decide next week whether to release additional water to head off a Klamath River fish kill. Public comments will be taken through Wednesday.

The agency is conducting an environmental assessment on the Trinity System and the lower Klamath River.  Drought conditions have brought down river levels.

Pete Lucero, with the Bureau of Reclamation says “We would release up to 62,000 acre-feet of water from the Trinity System to the lower Klamath River to supplement Klamath flows for the purposes of migrating fish protection.”

Lucero says if that decision were made, the extra water would begin flowing in mid-August.  

The San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Authority in California filed a notice of intent to sue if the water is released on the Klamath side, claiming the decision is not fair.

Public comments are to be posted online along with the final environmental assessment.