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DEQ Announces Fine In Bend Chemical Case

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality has fined a Central Oregon man more than $61,000 after he allegedly abandoned thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals at a Bend storage facility.

Thomas Alan Reynolds operated a company called the Reytech Corporation.

According to a government website, Reytech had secured millions of dollars to do research for agencies such as the Department of Defense, NASA and the National Science Foundation. The company closed in 2006.

Brian Allen is a Hazardous Waste Inspector for Oregon DEQ. He’s been visiting hazmat sites for roughly a decade.

“This is probably one of the worst that I’ve seen.”

Allen says some of the chemicals had begun to eat through the off-the-shelf plastic containers they were stored in.  He says some of those were type you might purchase to store kitty litter.

“And potentially there could have been an explosive nature or offset of toxic fumes.”

Reynolds is scheduled to appear in a Deschutes County courtroom on Monday to face a misdemeanor charge related to the clean up.  If convicted, he could face an additional $10,000 in fines and up to 6 months in jail.

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