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DEQ Holds Meetings To Discuss New Wood Stove Rule

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality is holding public meetings, Tuesday in Eugene and Wednesday in Portland, to discuss a new law governing residential wood stoves.

The new air quality law went into effect August 1st.  It requires homeowners to remove an uncertified stove before selling a home.

DEQ estimates 104,000 stoves are out-of-compliance throughout the state.  Older models pollute the air much more than the newer stoves.

Rachel Sakata is an Air Quality Planner with the DEQ. She says the law also requires homeowners to destroy non-compliant stoves and notify the DEQ.

Rachel Sakata: “We want to make sure the heating device cannot be put in someone else’s home again.  So if someone wants to use it as a decorative planter, then that’s fine too.  As long as they take the door off or punch a whole in it then that’s fine.”

Sakata says homeowners can take advantage of both state and federal tax credits as well as $2 million dollars in federal  stimulus funds to help make the switch. 

The DEQ will hold more meetings next week in Burns and Pendleton.