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Details Emerge About Smith's 1993 Party Incident

Details are emerging about the 1993 incident that led Portland Mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith into a legal settlement with a woman he injured at a party. Smith was 20 at the time. He and some people who claimed to have witnessed the incident say the woman believed Smith had tipped over the couch she was sleeping on. Smith says she flew at him, and he was trying to get her to back off.

A police report and other documents released to the Oregonian newspaper shed new light on the incident. Published reports suggest Smith tried to visit the woman’s home twice recently, as the story was coming to light. When asked a week ago whether he’d been in touch with her since the incident, Smith replied this way.

Smith said, “Not any meaningful contact, no.”

The diversion agreement that Smith agreed to after injuring the woman required him to cover her medical bills, avoid contact, and do 20 hours of community service.

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