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Development Commission Says Portland's Economy Picking Up

Portland’s economy is picking up, according to a status report from the city’s development commission.

Three years into a five-year plan, the Portland Development Commission says the city has helped keep about 1500 jobs in the area; created 1600 positions through loans to start-ups and small businesses; and attracted another 1000 jobs with recruiting.

Mayor Sam Adams welcomed the report. “The local area is on an up-tick and we’re on an up-tick that is economically more healthy than a lot of other locals around the Unted States. And that should make us feel very fortunate. But the numbers show we have a lot more work to do.”

Portland’s Economic Development Strategy was adopted in 2009. It stressed job growth; urban innovation; and keeping neighborhood business healthy.

It also set the goal of creating 10,000 new jobs over 5 years. So far, in three years, it’s created about 4200.

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