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Disagreements Keep 'R2DToo' Off Portland Council's Agenda

Disagreement over where to locate a Portland homeless camp is delaying a city council discussion of the issue.

City commissioner Amanda Fritz supports moving the so-called “Right To Dream Too” to a spot under the west end of the Broadway Bridge. But some neighborhood residents and business owners have questioned that site and pushed the city to consider alternatives.

Commissioner Fritz says no alternatives have emerged yet, but she is postponing discussion of Right To Dream from Wednesday’s council agenda.

“Well, I think those who are opposed are finding that it’s rather difficult to find an appropriate site for this use. And so I’m somewhat frustrated that all of the proposed sites are either illegal, or too far outside the central city to work. I was hoping there might be some viable options that would be proposed,” Fritz said.

The city hasn’t set a new date for when Right To Dream Too would appear on a council agenda.

Fritz says the city can’t delay too long, because there’s a late October deadline to come up with a plan.

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