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Dog Lovers Pack Oregon Humane Society For Special Adoption Chance

A crush of people filled the lobby of Oregon Humane Society in north Portland Wednesday for a shot at taking home a Bichon Frise, or maybe a Brussels Griffon.  Or one of several other typically expensive breeds.

A total of 43 animals were turned over by a breeder near Medford in March to comply with a new Oregon law limiting the number of animals a breeder can have at any one time.

The law was passed to crackdown on puppy-mills that mass produce animals for sale, often in terrible conditions.

They've been at the Society's Portland shelter for almost a week, getting medical treatment and professional grooming.  But now, it's time for most of them to find new homes.

Humane Society Executive Director Sharon Harmon said many of the dogs came to them in rough condition. "They don't look their finest because they had some remedial grooming to get rid of devastating mats and poor conditions," she said.

They're not house broken, but can be adopted for a fee of $150 to $250.

For more information, please visit the Oregon Humane Society website.

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