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DOJ Investigating Clackamas County Tampered Ballots Allegations

The state Department of Justice is investigating allegations that a temporary elections worker at Clackamas County tampered with ballots.

Clackamas County Ballot

Clackamas County Ballot

Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall, who oversees elections, says her office sent information to the DOJ Wednesday — that there’d been a problem.

Jeff Manning is a spokesman for the Justice Department.

“We’re currently investigating criminal felony violations of Oregon’s election laws. Which allegedly took place and involved a temporary county elections employee tampering with cast ballots.”

Manning declined to say which candidates’ names might have been fraudulently marked.

Clackamas County Courthouse

Clackamas County Courthouse

Chris Edmonds is a spokesman for Clackamas County Commissioner Charlotte Lehan’s re-election campaign.

He says the campaign has learned the DOJ investigation centers around ballots cast for three races, including two hotly contested county commission seats.

Edmonds says the campaign would not rule out legal action.

Lehan’s opponent, John Ludlow, says he has little information about the allegations, but would be concerned about anyone marking ballots.

He says he has confidence in Hall’s administration, and is comfortable with the vote count continuing.

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