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DOJ: Portland Police Bureau Has Engaged In 'Excessive Force'

The U.S. Justice Department has found that the Portland Police Bureau has engaged in excessive force with mentally ill people. Specifically, the investigation found that stun guns were used too much on people with mental illness.

Michael Clapp/OPB

Thursday, we’ve got the results of a 14-month investigation by the Department of Justice. And it’s quite scathing in nature. They find reasonable cause to believe that the Portland Police Bureau is engaging in a “pattern or practice of using excessive in encounters with people with actual or perceived mental illness.”

It was taken pretty hard here, but there is definitely a feeling of coming together, that they’re going to work and make these changes.

Portland Police Chief Mike Reese points out that they have a preliminary agreement on how to tackle these issues, and the Department of Justice also says they’re very confident that something will come out of it.

Portland Police Trying New Methods Of Dealing With The Mentally Ill - April 04, 2011


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