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DOJ, Portland Reach Agreement On Use Of Force

Mayor Sam Adams and the U.S. Attorney’s office have announced an agreement resolving the federal investigation into how Portland Police uses force.

The agreement  requires Portland to overhaul its use of force guidelines.

U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall

U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall

April Baer/OPB

Some key changes have already been drafted. They were published on the police bureau’s website last week.

Beyond that, Adams laid out a series of staffing additions and reassignments: five more internal affairs investigators and two more mobile crisis prevention teams.

He said the state has agreed to step up the federal health care reform process, establishing local care groups that will form at least one drop-off center so that first responders can get immediate care for people in mental health crisis.

Rapid-access clinics will provide psychiatric medication in a timely manner.

Since Adams is leaving City Hall in January, it seems likely the city’s next mayor will shoulder the burden of implementing the plan.

A representative of the Albina Ministerial Alliance, one of the groups that called for the DOJ review, said it will examine the agreement closely.

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