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In Wake Of Trump's Executive Order, Oregon Governor Says State Will Protect 'Everyone'

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Thursday it’s not clear what effect President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities will have on state government.

But the Democrat said she’s committed to protecting the human rights of undocumented Oregonians. Trump’s order directs the U.S. government to withhold federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities,” including Portland and other Oregon cities that have adopted that designation in recent months.

Those are places with policies to shield people in the country illegally from being deported.

In a statement, Brown said her staff is studying the order to figure out what impact it would have on Oregonians.

Brown noted that state agencies are prohibited from using taxpayer dollars to “treat undocumented Oregonians as criminals.”

Brown said she’s committed to upholding that law and protecting the human and civil rights of everyone in the state.

At a meeting of state Capitol reporters in Salem on Thursday, House Democratic leader Jennifer Williamson said local officials from around Oregon have asked her for state help in shielding their communities from the fallout of Trump’s directive.

But Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli said Oregon should tread carefully and try not to antagonize the Trump administration.

“We should just keep our powder dry. Because a lot of rhetoric that you hear will change and morph as we move through time, as it always does,”said Ferrioli.

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