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Drunk Driving Arrests Dropped This Super Bowl Weekend

There were fewer drunk drivers arrested in Oregon this weekend than on any Super Bowl weekend in the last five years, according to police officials. The Oregon State Police counted 31 arrests for driving under the influence, down from 38 a year ago.

Oregon State Police

State police spokesman Gregg Hastings would like to credit smarter decisions by drivers for the decline.

“We’re hoping that some of the drop may have been associated with the fact that people were just making great plans beforehand – ensuring that they had a designated sober driver out there, if they were going to be someplace where they were drinking alcohol, and then driving either home or to another location,” he said.

The number of arrests was particularly high in southern Oregon. Grants Pass, Central Point and Klamath Falls accounted for 14 arrests.

Hastings says one person was killed in a fatality where alcohol was a factor. There’s one other fatal accident in which alcohol was suspected. A year ago, three people died in drunk driving accidents during Super Bowl weekend.

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