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Dry Sunny Weather Makes Oregon Vintners Hopeful

The long, dry fall has Oregon vintners hoping 2012 will be an impressive year.

About 840 vineyards are operating in Oregon and most are deep into harvest.

Patty Skinkis is a viticulture extension specialist at Oregon State University.

Patty Skinkis

Patty Skinkis

Lynn Ketchum

She says the dry, sunny weather has been really good for the development of the vine canopy and the grapes, “It’s not in the size of the berry.The berry won’t necessarily get bigger. It’s basically just more concentration of both the sugar compounds, but also the other compounds for aroma and taste.”

Rain during September and October can be a problem for grapes.

They can suffer from mold or simply split, from absorbing too much moisture.

Anna King

The harvest should finish by the end of the month, then vintners will let wines ferment for a few weeks before bottling and storage.

True oenophiles will wait a couple of years before drinking the 2012 reds. White wines will be available sooner.

wine grapes oenophile

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