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Duck, Beaver Fans Holding On To Bowl Game Hopes

The University of Oregon Ducks bowl game hopes have improved. They routed the Oregon State Beavers 48 to 24 in the annual Civil War matchup today at Reser Stadium in Corvallis. The Ducks finish the season 11 and one.

Fans like Cosmo Mascher gathered in a Portland sports bar to watch the game, and ponder the possibilities.

“Whatever happens,” Mascher said, “I’m just glad that we’re probably going to be ranked high enough to go to a BCS bowl. I’m not worried. I’m not worried.”

Across town, Beaver fans like Brad Sisk bemoaned the loss.


“I can’t be in a state of Oregon where the Ducks have won, five years in a row,” he groaned.

But the Beavers’ had some improvements this season. They were projected to finish last in the PAC-12. They not only avoided last place, the team is bowl-eligible.

Decisions on the bowl games will start to take shape after tonight’s Stanford-UCLA game.

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