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Ducks Lead Bucks In One Important Statistic

Photo Illustration/Michael Clapp

Monday night two of this season’s most successful college football teams will compete for the national title in Arlington, Texas. Sports fans have spent the week comparing the squads in every possible way, but in academic performance the Ducks hold a slight, statistical advantage.

The Oregon team edges out the Ohio State Buckeyes by a fraction of a grade point in overall team GPA.

Oregon players averaged a 2.79 grade point average last fall. Ohio State’s fall grades aren’t yet available but the Buckeyes’ summer average GPA was 2.71.

Both teams tout their academic success stories. The Ducks point out that star quarterback Marcus Mariota is wrapping up his degree with a 3.22 GPA. The Buckeyes list 12 players as Academic All Big-Ten, with grade averages of at least 3.0

But many fans, and even some players, take a cynical view of football players as “student-athletes.”

Ohio State’s quarterback, Cardale Jones, fueled that cynicism two years ago when he infamously tweeted “we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL,” and classes were “pointless.”

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