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Earthquake Task Force Recommends More Preparations

A new task force says instead of having three days of food and water stockpiled for a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, Oregonians should be prepared to go it alone for two weeks.

Readings from a seismograph.

Readings from a seismograph.

Waifer X/Flickr

The task force has submitted a list of earthquake recommendations to the Oregon Legislature.
Scott Ashford chairs the task force. He says there a several important things Oregon needs to do - like retrofitting bridges on the highway that acts as a back-up to Interstate 5.

“The main north-south route after a Cascadia event is Highway 97,” says Ashford. “It’s mobility will be severely impacted after the earthquake and we need to start improving our transportation network now.”

Highway 97 runs from The Dalles to Bend and Klamath Falls.

Ashford also says the state should establish an earthquake resilience policy advisor and find $200 million in  bonds to retrofit public schools, fire stations and police stations.

Historically, the subduction zone experiences a Magnitude 9 quake once every 300 years. The last one was 314 years ago.