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Lightning Sparked More Than 20 Fires In Eastern Oregon This Weekend

More than 20 fires were sparked in eastern Oregon over the weekend — mostly in Baker and Malheur counties. 

Though only four of those fires were significant in size, said Robyn Broyles with the National Interagency Fire Center, a majority were caused by lightning strikes throughout the Northwest. 

“There’s quite a bit of lightning that came in to our general area that came up from the southwest and spread northwest coming across Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon,” said Broyles. “Essentially a lightning pattern came across the corners of those states.”

The largest of the recent lightning fires is the Simmons Gulch fire 32 miles southwest of Vale, Oregon, which is burning across 5,000 acres. 

Even though the weather is expected to heat up later this week, there aren’t any red flag warnings in effect yet for Oregon, said Broyles. 

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