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Education Scholar Encourages Innovation

Oregon teachers — and the governor — heard from one of the nation’s pre-eminent education scholars Monday at an event sponsored by the Oregon Education Association. 

Linda Darling-Hammond advised President Barack Obama on education policy in 2008. The Stanford University professor told the teachers’ union that America’s schools have found reforms that work, but they haven’t shared them well. Darling-Hammond says other countries are not making that mistake.
“Many are coming here, and inviting many of us there, to help them think about how to build creative, innovative education systems — even while we’re clamping down on our schools here, and making it harder to innovate,” she says.
Gov. John Kitzhaber responded afterward that he is seeking an innovative school culture. He took issue with what he called a “polarization” of the education debate.  

“Where, for example, school reform is falsely equated with being anti-teacher. Or where accountability is falsely equated with standardized testing,” Kitzhaber says.
Both Kitzhaber and Darling-Hammond warned against “flogging” schools or teachers in hopes of getting better results.  

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