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Effort To Change School District Borders Lands In Ore. Senate

An effort to change the boundary between the Beaverton and Hillsboro school districts landed before state lawmakers on Tuesday.

A classroom at Westview High School in Beaverton.

A classroom at Westview High School in Beaverton.

Rob Manning/OPB file photo

School districts seldom move boundaries because such changes can cost them students -– and money.

Developer Ed Bartholemy has failed to get support from school board members or local citizens to move one area from the Hillsboro district to Beaverton. He argues the city of Beaverton is planning it. Now, a bill he’s backing would let Beaverton city officials move the district boundary.

Land-use attorney Dave Hunnicutt told a Senate committee that for areas being urbanized, city councils should decide school boundaries, “allowing the school districts to come in and participate, but not have the final say, because they have a financial dog in the fight, whereas the city council doesn’t.”

But Jim Green with the Oregon School Boards Association argued Senate Bill 600 would undercut elected school leaders in the state.

“You’re handing cities what school boards do – and as a school board member, that somewhat offends me,” Green said.

The bill will likely get a work session in the next few weeks.

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