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It's Electric: 1 Man's Obsession With Battery-Powered Cars

Peter Hoeckel and his family pose with their electric car.

Peter Hoeckel and his family pose with their electric car.

John Sepulvado/OPB

When Peter Hoeckel goes out into public, he takes his love of electric cars with him. What that means for his family is that when they go on vacation, or visit family for a holiday, Hoeckel will talk someone’s ear off about the values and benefits of electric cars.  

And while Hoeckel’s family might be amused and sometimes annoyed by their patriarch’s penchant to talk electric cars, the German-born engineer brings up some great points about the future of the automobile.

He joined OPB in Portland to share those ideas.

Listen to Hoeckel’s Sunday Conversation with OPB Weekend Edition host John Sepulvado through the audio player at the top of this story.

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